Invited lecturers

  • Christopher TAM, Florida State University, USA

    Fan noise radiation from jet engine inlet: CAA simulation and physics (PDF)

  • Chi-Wang SHU, Brown University, USA

    Superconvergence and long time simulation accuracy of discontinuous Galerkin method for hyperbolic wave equations (PDF)

    We will survey recent results on the study of superconvergence andtime evolution of errors for discontinuous Galerkin method appliedto linear and certain nonlinear hyperbolic wave equations. Thesetheoretical results confirm the excellent wave resolution capabilityof discontinuous Galerkin methods, in that the error does not growin time up to t=O(1/h) where h is the spatial mesh size. We thereforeconclude that the discontinuous Galerkin method is a good choice foraeroacoustic simulations.

  • Mikhail STRELETS, St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia

    On sensitivity of LES to numerics and grid-resolution with the view of landing gear noise prediction (PDF)
    Co-authors: Michael SHUR 1, Philippe SPALART 2, Andrey TRAVIN 1
    1St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia
    2Boeing, USA

  • Nigel PEAKE, University of Cambridge, UK

    The  aeroacoustics of  swirling flow (PDF)

  • Eleuterio F. TORO, University of Trento, Italy

    The ADER approach to high order: some recent developments

    ADER is a fully discrete approach for constructing one-step numerical schemes of high order of accuracy in space and time to solve evolutionary PDEs. The approach relies on two components: a non-linear (to circumvent Godunov’s theorem) spatial reconstruction procedure and a generalized Riemann problem (GRP) solver. In this talk I first review existing GRP solvers. Then I report on some recent progress on two aspects. One aims at simplifying the schemes by replacing the Cauchy-Kowalewski procedure by a time-reconstruction procedure. Another line of enquiry concerns a new Cauchy-Kowalewski procedure that allows the treatment of stiff source terms to high accuracy in space and time. These recent developments are being pursued in collaboration with V A Titarev (Moscow), G Montecinos (Trento) and D Kalise (Rome).

  • Roland EWERT, DLR

    Aircraft Noise Simulation at DLR (PDF)