Т1 Advanced numerical methods in CFD and CAA including massively parallel computations
Т2 Innovative scale-resolving approaches to simulation of turbulent flows and computation of associated acoustic fields
Т3 Applied computational studies in unsteady turbulent aerodynamics and aeroacoustics including noise generation and noise reduction
     Т3.1 Jets
     Т3.2 Airframes
     Т3.3 Helicopters and aircraft rotors
     Т3.4 Unsteady aerodynamic and acoustic loads
     Т3.5 Other relevant problems
Т4 Challenging CFD/CAA problems in the light of industrial needs 
Т5 Post processing techniques, data treatment and visualization in physical and computational experiments in aerodynamics and aeroacoustics


SSTM Computational studies in unsteady aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of turbomachines: compressors, aviation and automotive engines, turbofans, ...
This session is open for all papers dealing with high speed radial or axial turbomachines. In particular, talks related not only to aerospace applications, but also to turbo-charging of IC-engines or fuel cells are welcomed
Session Co-Chairs:
Mats ABOM (KTH, Stockholm), Charles HIRSCH (Numeca International, Brussels), and Victor MILESHIN (CIAM, Moscow)