Fifth International Workshop
"Computational Experiment in AeroAcoustics"
CEAA 2018

September 19-22, 2018
Svetlogorsk, Russia

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the state-of-the art of computational aeroacoustics and its challenges from the viewpoint of aerospace and other industries dealing with high-speed flows and sound generated by them. The Workshop offers an opportunity for fruitful inter-branch discussions among scientists, researchers, engineers, software developers, industry managers, etc., in order to develop and promote computational experiment in aeroacoustics as an efficient tool for applied research and design. Shortly, the Workshop is going to be at the interface (between research and applications, between computational and physical experiments, between theoretical and experimental investigations) with a regard to computational issues.

The main subjects to be discussed at the Workshop are:

  • higher-accuracy and efficient methods in CAA;
  • scale-resolving approaches to simulating aerodynamics and acoustics of turbulent flows;
  • applications (jet noise, airframe noise, fan noise, turbomachinery noise, helicopter rotor noise, acoustic loads, others);
  • postprocessing techniques, data treatment and vizualization in physical and computational experiments in aeroacoustics;
  • challenging problems in aeroacoustics: theory, experiment, state-of-the-art, ...